What is a hook?

Hooks allow you to build or set up integrations that subscribe to certain events on DoltHub, such as pushing data. You give DoltHub the URL of an HTTP endpoint you've set up to accept POST requests, and then when certain events happen your endpoint will receive a payload.

How to use hooks

Some common workflows involving hooks include:

Difference between GitHub hooks and DoltHub hooks

DoltHub hooks currently only support push events on a database, while GitHub supports a much longer list of events on both organizations and repositories.
We are planning on implementing more event types in the near future, including on_pull_request, on_branch_change, and on_change. If you have an event you'd like us to support, file an issue or reach out to us on Discord.


This blog covers an in depth example for how to set up a webhook for a push event on DoltHub. You can add and manage webhooks in the settings tab of any of your DoltHub databases.
Webhooks page
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