Medical Research
A large portion of medical research involves data analysis and data intensive techniques, such as a machine learning. Furthermore the high stakes of medical research, exacerbated by regulatory requirements, necessitate high standards of data hygiene. Researchers need to be able to retrieve historical results and compare them to new results from the latest changes, as well as show their results have evolved through time.
Dolt empowers engineering teams developing medical research tools by giving them a familiar SQL database with powerful version control features for making their research workflows reproducible. By building on top of Dolt teams can accelerate their time to market by pushing many complex versioning problems into the database.

Case Study

Turbine is a simulated drug discovery company. Turbine uses Dolt to coordinate contributions from contract researchers, as well as making historical versions of their models available for comparison and audit purposes. You can read more about how Turbine make use of Dolt here.
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Case Study