Welcome to Dolt Docs

This is the documentation site for Dolt, a version controlled relational database. Dolt is inspired by familiar features from MySQL and Git. These features are combined to create powerful new kind of relational database ideal for the evolved data landscape. Dolt is free and open source, licensed under Apache 2.0.
Jump into Why Dolt and What is Dolt to get a more detailed idea of Dolt and why we built it, or go straight to Getting Started if you're ready for some action!

Documentation Overview

The documentation is divided into five parts, briefly summarized below:
    Installation: installation and the basics for getting started with Dolt
    DoltHub: learn about DoltHub, a hosting and collaboration platform for Dolt databases
    Interfaces: find out how to interact with Dolt programmatically, whether it's SQL, command line, or Python
    Python Quickstart: quickstart Dolt in Python
    Reference: learn more about how Dolt works under the hood, as well as considerations around using Dolt in production


DoltHub is the company that sponsors the Dolt project. We can be reached via this contact form, or you can come and hangout on Discord where we are regularly interacting with our community.
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