Dolt implements Git-style version control on tables instead of files.

Dolt adopts the Git-interface to version control. There are commits, branches, merges, and all the other Git concepts you are familiar with. If you know Git, Dolt will feel very familiar because conceptually, Dolt is modeled on Git.

On the command-line, these concepts are exposed as a replica of the Git command line. Where you would type git log, you now type dolt log. Where you would type git add, you type dolt add. The replication extends to the command arguments.

In SQL, Dolt becomes a bit more complicated because no Git-equivalent to SQL exists. Git read operations are modeled as system tables. Git write operations are modeled as stored procedures. But conceptually, all the Git concepts you are familiar with extend to SQL.

In this section we explore the following Git concepts and explain how they work in Dolt:

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