Data Sharing

Dolt was built for sharing. Dolt is the database you can copy/paste. A copy or clone in Git parlance creates a copy of data and schema for truly decentralized reads and writes. A paste or merge allows these decentralized writes to be shared amongst various copies of the database. These features make Dolt the ideal database for sharing because each user gets to operate on their own copy and collaborate asynchronously when he or she chooses to adopt another person's changes.
DoltHub allows you to coordinate collaboration all over the internet with permissions, human review, forks and all the other distributed collaboration tools you are used to from GitHub.
The best way to see this sharing in action is data bounties where a distributed team of data bounty hunters collaborate to produce a database like all businesses in the United States.
We started this company imagining how there could be a place on the internet to get accesss to interesting, maintained data. Dolt and DoltHub were our answer. Dolt has become so much more but we still think it's the best data format for data sharing and collaboration.
Dolt is the database for sharing.