Dolt uses a three digit versioning format – major.minor.patch. For major, minor, and patch version bumps, you can expect:
  • Patch version bumps (e.g. – Patch version bumps will NOT change any interfaces; they include bug fixes, performance improvements, and additive features. You can safely pick up patch releases without having to update your application code.
  • Minor version bumps (e.g. – Minor version bumps signal that the release contains an interface change, such as changing the signature of a Dolt CLI command or stored procedure. Your application code may require an update to move to a minor version bump if it is using an affected interface. Affected interfaces are called out in release notes.
  • Major version bumps (e.g. - Major version bumps signal a significant change that requires database data to be migrated, for example, moving to a new low-level storage format. Major version bumps will be extremely rare.
Last modified 5mo ago