MySQL Information Schema
The MySQL information_schema database provides access to a variety of database metadata useful for inspecting your database and also used by database tooling. Dolt provides a subset of the data available in information_schema, as described below. In general, all tables from MySQL's information_schema exist, with the correct schema, but not all data is populated. If you need support for information_schema metadata that is available in MySQL, but not yet available in Dolt, please open a GitHub issue to let us know what you need.

Core Metadata Tables

Notes and limitations
Some column metadata not populated (e.g. character_maximum_length, numeric_precision, numeric_scale, datetime_precision, privileges). View columns are not included (#3168).
Reserved in MySQL for future use

InnoDB Tables

MySQL's information_schema also provides tables specific to the use of the InnoDB storage engine. These tables are provided in Dolt to avoid issues with MySQL tools that read from these tables, however since Dolt uses its own storage engine, no data is populated in these tables.
Notes and limitations
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