Notable Features

Version Control

Dolt is a database like no other. There are numerous Dolt version control features that you won't find elsewhere. Hosted Dolt gives you all the version control features of a running Dolt server without the hassle of running it yourself. For example:

  • Create branches of your data.

  • Merge changes you make with changes made by other people, and resolve conflicts using SQL.

  • Look at the state of the data a given commit.

  • Diff data between two commits or branches.

  • Revert the changes made by a commit.



While your database is running we collect logging so you can monitor your database. View and download logs from any time period from the deployment console.


We also collect metrics on your running database and display graphs so you can see performance and usage in real time.

Custom Configuration

Dolt has a myriad of configuration options. Most of these can be changed on the running server by setting the appropriate system variable. However, Hosted Dolt provides a simple UI for viewing and changing your deployment's custom configuration.


Scale your deployment read capacity or create hot failover instances by enabling read replication for your deployment. Configure how many replicas you want. You'll get logs and metrics for each server.


Full copies of all your databases are backed up nightly. These backups are kept for 14 days.

As a version controlled database, Dolt can handle many of the situations where a backup would be needed by other databases. If you drop a table or write a bad delete statement you can revert to the previous commit. That said, there are still cases where a backup is needed, including dropping a database, hardware issues, data corruption, and destroying your history.

You can create a new deployment from any backup. Restoring from a backup currently requires you to create a support ticket.

Learn more about backups here.

Dolt Upgrades

We're releasing new versions of Dolt at least once per week. Set your service window and your deployed Dolt version will automatically get upgraded weekly to the latest available version with minimal downtime.

Or if you want to upgrade Dolt immediately, you can use the "Update Dolt version now" button in the Actions dropdown.

Enterprise Support

Hosted Dolt comes with enterprise support. Our team of veteran cloud service engineers will keep your database operating smoothly.

File support tickets directly from your deployment console and our on call team member will get back to you within the hour.

Learn more about our support ticket system here.

Access Management

Easily manage access to your deployment using the same permissions model as DoltHub and GitHub.

Create a deployment under an organization. All organization members have read access to your deployment. Create a team, add members, and give the whole team admin permission to your deployment.

Need to add a one-off collaborator to a specific deployment? Add that user as a collaborator in your deployment's Settings tab.

Quick Start

Trial Instance

To lower the cost barrier, Hosted Dolt offers trial instance for $50 a month. For $50 you get a t2.medium running in EC2 with 50GB of storage. There is no time limit for these instances. This isn't a 30-day trial. It's an instance perfect for trialing Dolt.

Connect Using Any MySQL Client

Dolt is a drop in replacement for MySQL. You can connect to your instance from anywhere using your favorite MySQL client using the connectivity information in the Connectivity tab of your deployment console.

SQL Workbench

User Friendly Built-In Web GUI

Each deployment comes with a built-in SQL workbench, inspired by DoltHub's database page. Browse your data in read-only mode or allow writes and make changes to your database from the web. The workbench comes with your favorite DoltHub features, including pull requests, diffs, commit logs, ER diagrams, CSV upload and download, and more!

Learn more about the SQL workbench here.

Pull Requests

Create pull requests for human review of changes to your database.


Analyze your data and schema changes in a diff and debug issues in specific commits.

Commit Log

View an audit log of all changes made to your data.

ER Diagrams

Visualize the entities in your database as well as the relationship between tables.

CSV Upload and Download

Update database tables using an uploaded CSV or the built-in spreadsheet editor.

And download query results as a CSV.

Learn more in our blog.

Dolt Ecosystem

Clone a Hosted Instance

In some cases you might want to clone your database from Hosted Dolt so that you can access Dolt's command line interface. Hosted provides an option to expose your instance's remotesapi endpoint to allow clone, fetch, and pull from your Hosted.

Learn more in our cloning guide.

Use DoltHub as a Remote

To interact with DoltHub from your Hosted instance, you can use DoltHub as a remote. We have SQL remote operations such as dolt_clone, dolt_pull, and dolt_push that let you interact with remotes using SQL. You can add Dolt credentials to your Hosted instance to authenticate certain operations, like cloning a private database from DoltHub or pushing changes to a DoltHub database you have write permissions to.

mysql> call dolt_clone('dolthub/user_metrics');
| status |
|      0 |
1 row in set (0.71 sec)

mysql> show databases;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| mysql              |
| user_metrics       |
3 rows in set (0.05 sec)

Learn more in our DoltHub as a remote guide.

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