Use Cases

We built Dolt as a better way to share data. Along the way, customers wanted an OLTP SQL database with Git features, so that is what Dolt became. Dolt is still a great way to share data but it's also a great SQL database.

Anything you can build with MySQL or Postgres you can build with Dolt.

Dolt really shines when your database can benefit from branches, merges, diffs, or clones. We've written about customers who use Dolt to build better cancer cell simulations, power an application with branches, or add a versioning layer to important spreadsheets. These are just the customers who allowed us to write about their use case.

Other customers use Dolt to manage video game configuration, get an immutable audit log of changes to their database, build reproducibility into machine learning models, ensure data quality using a pull request workflow, and much more.

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