Manual Data Curation


  • Are you using spreadsheets to curate production data?

  • Is the process of merging and reviewing everyone’s changes getting out of hand?

  • Are bad data changes causing production issues?

  • Would human review of cell-level data changes help?

Dolt solves this by…

Dolt allows you to treat your spreadsheet like code. DoltHub and DoltLab implement a Pull Request workflow on tables, the standard for reviewing code changes. Extend that model to your data changes. Make changes on branches and then have the changes human reviewed. Data diffs are easily consumed by a human reviewer. Add continuous integration tests to data changes. Have dozens or hundreds of changes in flight at one time.

DoltHub and DoltLab support SQL, File Upload (CSV), and a spreadsheet editor for data modification. These interfaces are simple enough that non-technical users can make and review data changes.

Dolt is a MySQL compatible database so exporting the manually created data to production can be as simple as cloning a copy and starting a server for your developers to connect to.

Dolt replaces...


Dolt replaces Excel or Google Sheets for manual data curation. Versioning features allow for more efficient asynchronous collaboration and human review of data changes. The DoltHub interface is still easy enough for non-technical users to contribute and review data changes.

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